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Preliminary Findings - Area of Improvement and Preliminary Solutions

Preliminary Findings - Area of Improvement and Preliminary Solutions

Preliminary Findings- Area of improvement and preliminary solutions

Overall, Betagen can be considered a successful company that is able to generate a very high level of profitability and also customers' trust and satisfaction with its ability to maintain the high product quality and level of customer service. However, as we study the well-managed supply chain of this company that seems to be almost perfect, we can still notice some areas that could be further improved. In this part, we will discuss some major issues in the Betagen supply chain and also proposals for solutions.

Problems in transportation facilities

As Betagen's main product, or milk, is very perishable, a special transport capability such as weather control is required. The transportation manager of Betagen knows this point very well and therefore has been investing over 20 million baht per year in refrigerated-trucks in order to keep their products fresh and maintain the high quality until they reach customers. However, those expensive trucks required a very high maintenance cost whereas their values and conditions keep diminishing. The company has to replace those trucks times after times, but as the cost is extremely high, they cannot just replace all of the trucks that break down. Therefore, they have to keep repairing their old trucks and try to extend their life as long as possible.

As we visited their factory, we observed that some of their trucks are very old, which many of them are above 10 years. The manager told us that the oldest one they have is almost 14 years old. Since they have a lot of old trucks, they often face breakdown problems, not only in terms of the machine itself, but also include the problems associating with the temperature controller. Recently, the number of usable trucks in this company has reduced from 90 to about 80 trucks over the past few years.

Truck breakdown is considered to be a major issue in the supply chain that the manager is concerned about. Every truck has its own schedule, which each one may have to deliver products to many places many times per day. This means that a truck breakdown may cause, not only a delay of delivery for one order, but will affect the whole schedule for the day or sometimes the whole week. This will eventually result in customer dissatisfaction and lost sales.

Temperature controller breakdown is another problem, although it may not be as serious as the whole truck breakdown, it can also affect the quality of the products and the level of customer satisfaction. If it is only a few hours to go, they may just have to buy some ice cubes to help keep the container cool. However, if the truck still has a long way to go, the manager may decide to call the truck back or send another truck to continue the delivery, which that will cause a delay in the truck schedule.

In this case, we believe that hiring a third party may be a good solution for the problems. Nowadays, companies are more specialized and focused on the areas of their expertise. One company may not be able to manage every single part in the supply chain by itself and that is why outsourcing services are commonly used among many firms. By hiring a transportation company to deal with product delivery, Betagen will be able to focus more on developing their core competency, which is producing milk, and at the same time, benefit from the expertise of the transportation provider in delivering the products. The problems associating with the truck or temperature controller will be taken care of by the sub-contractor. Although the service may be expensive, but they will no longer have to invest a large amount for their own transportation facilities and labors, which that large amount of money could be invested elsewhere. Finally, once they can find a transportation company that is able to serve them with a desirable level of service, they might consider developing the relationship with the company, and collaborate and work together as partners.

Problems in production plan and inventory management

Betagen has a separated department for planning how much of the product should be produced each month, which the amount that they will produce is based on the forecasted sales. However, due to the fact that the level of competition is high and people changes to other brands with similar

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  • Water cooled exhaust manifolds and water injection exhaust bend.
  • 12 volt electric start system with battery charging alternator and stop solenoid valve, 2 wire grounded system (insulated return is standard on BetaSet / BetaGen 26, 33, 40 and 49).
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  • Beta Marine standard fuel oil, lubricating oil and combustion air filters. Engine mounted sump drain pump.
  • Mecc Alte alternator marine rated to ISO standard, brushless, self ventilated with IP 23 protection, single bearing construction. The generator is self regulating and self excited and is complete with terminal box and automatic voltage regulator, fully suitable for use in engine room environments of 45°C.
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  • Keel/box cooling versions are available (see note b) and alternative specifications and requirements can be quoted on request.
BetaGen ‘Super Silence’ Specifications

The specification is basically the same as the BetaSet generating set but fitted with an acoustic enclosure: Our BetaGen marine generating sets are manufactured with high quality marine grade acoustic housings with zintec/steel, a 40mm sound insulated lining and removable panels for easy maintenance; the noise level will be less than 60dB(A) when measured at 7 metres under “free field” conditions. This is (at least) a further 10dB(A) reduction from our already quiet gensets – equivalent to about half the noise level as perceived by the human ear.

Please also refer to our sales brochure “Marine Generating Sets 3 to 50kVA” ref: 1760.

  • Steel base frame, not normally required with acoustic housing.
  • Water inlet kit including seacock and pipe.
  • Wet exhaust silencer 50mm & 3 metre hose kit.
  • Wet exhaust silencer 60mm & 3 metre hose kit (BetaSet / BetaGen 26, 33, 40 and 49).
  • Dry exhaust outlet including exhaust elbow and flexible stainless steel bellows section in lieu of water injection bend:
    • Dry type exhaust silencer, BSP threaded tails.
    • Dry type exhaust silencer, BSP threaded tails (BetaSet / BetaGen 26, 33, 40 and 49).
  • 12 Volt starter battery 120Ah and 1 metre battery leads (up to BetaSet/BetaGen 33).
  • 12 Volt starter battery 180Ah and 1 metre battery leads for BetaSet/BetaGen 40 & 49.
  • Insulated battery charging alternator and fully insulated return DC electrics. (Included as standard on BetaSet / BetaGen 26, 33, 40, & 49 see note a). Not available on BetaSet / BetaGen 4/2 & 6/2.
  • Remote control: “RSM” push button start module and hour meter supplied for local installation and “LPM” push button start module supplied for remote installation, (in lieu of standard start modules) with module for speed sensing installed in generator terminal box and pre-wired by Beta Marine Ltd.
  • Extension cable, either for start module or between remote modules, per metre.
  • 3 Metres of flexible ducting for cooling air outlet x 125mm diameter.
  • Alternator drive belt guard (front end). Required for Lloyds specification.
  • Double walled (sheathed) fuel injection pipes, required for Lloyds specification.
  • Flexible fuel hoses, flame retardant type with class ‘type’ approved material, required for Lloyds specification.
  • For ‘Lloyds Register Witness Test’ of complete generating set in our factory. This is witness test only with type approved engine, not full class survey.
  • Packing Case for BetaSet models (already included with BetaGen models).
  • Please note that on the BetaSet / BetaGen 26, 33, 40 & 49 are supplied with insulated electrics, the control module has key start/stop and a mandatory hour meter is also supplied loose, except remote control option.
  • Keel/box cooled versions are available at the same prices as indicated above.
    For operation in Ship’s engine room at 45°C the outputs should be de-rated – see brochure.
  • The BetaSet and BetaGen 4/2 and 6/2 single phase versions are unity power factor machines.
  • A copy of the ‘Lloyds Register Design Appraisal document’ can be supplied free of charge.
  • 60Hz versions are available, ratings and prices will be provided on request.
    We reserve the right to change specifications without notice. All goods are offered and supplied in accordance with our current “General Terms of Tender and Sale ”.