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Ample Inspiration - Quest - World of Warcraft

Comment by Drealt

U.D.E.D hmm
sound like You dead to anyone?

Comment by JPYsera
  • You have to get a bomb from the machine at 41.6 / 80.1 (Besides the goblin girl a little north of K2)
  • After you get the bomb, you'll have 50 seconds to run east and throw it to a mammoth (you can carry the bomb mounted but not throw it)
  • This quest is very violent! The mammoth will explode into many pieces.
  • For those of you who can't wait for Resident Evil 6 to come out, you can keep blowing up mammoths even after you looted all your stuff.
Comment by virusel

This quest is so funny and it`s almost a waste to do it only one time. It should be made a daily!

Comment by Ominae

I love this quest. so very very much.

Given enough interest, I would make a petition to blizzard to make this a daily. I love it just that much.

Comment by craftyard

What happens if the bomb blows up while you're holding it?

Comment by guntitan

As a hunter I completed the quest by kiting the mammoth to the bomb dispenser. I let the pet hold aggro while I grabbed the bomb. Then I threw it at the mammoth and grabbed all the pieces.

Comment by jandrewbrown

Mommy look at the pretty. *BOOM!*

Glad I'm not a vegetarian.

Comment by Flipppppyyy

This thing makes a huge explosion!

This should be a daily!

Comment by Nekobaghira

this quest stinks, there are never any mammoths near the area of where you pick up the bombs and you can't get to the mammoth quickly enough. The should fix the timing on this.

Comment by Drovor Comment by Aphus

Could we please make saronite bombs look like this when they explode?

Comment by mrdummy

I killed some mammoths before i realized there is no quest item from killing mobs without bomb use.

Comment by jansuh

Cant find the bombs :S

Comment by Daedralia

confirmed drop from Mammoth in dragon blight ;0)

Comment by RyuJr

Probably NOT a reference, but both are so. Unexpected coincidences that I thought worth mentioning.

In the original "Tintin in the congo", from Hergé, there is a scene in which Tintin dug a hole into the dorse of a rhino and inserted a stick of dynamite to blow it away. This page was later removed due to excess of cruelty to animals, but you don't really need to go that far into google to find it =P.

Comment by Aamic

The Booms are just to the North where the cave is. She is outside the cave just to the right of it.
Get one boom and it counts down. You have about 40 seconds to find and throw it.

Comment by dranixrick2


Comment by datgrl

You get the bombs from the chest that is bouncing around, next to the NPC named Tore Rumblewrench (41.67,80.02). It's not a 'black box' or out in the middle of no where. It's against the side of the mountain, just north of K3. She also has a couple more quests for you.

Comment by Jehosaphat

This quest made me :(

Comment by wowisash

41.66,80.06 These cords will bring you to the U.DE.D Dispenser. Its right next to a npc named "Tore Rumblewrench"

Comment by winphreak

Just a side note, but I was killed via PVP while doing this. As a result, I still had the UDED without the 50s debuff.

Guessing it's a glitch, but it ended up working in my favor.

Comment by w1zard

whoa. came here just to add, THIS QUEST SHOULD BE DAILY!

Comment by Phedre1958

For the. I cant find that cave. Is it the Crystalweb cavern?
Please help me?

Comment by Zexter

The animation for the ruthless murder of the mammoth is AWESOME. You throw the bomb and ka-fu**ing-boom. Meat goes flying everywhere.

Comment by kitty85

THANK YOU i had been trying to work out what i was doing wrong glad you wrote it :)

Comment by Alaiah

Just in case someone's having trouble getting the bomb to actually blow up the mammoth. try using the bomb in your bag, not the one that appears next to the objective. I finally realized this was my problem after flying back and forth to get the bomb a dozen times, but once I did it, I completed this the quest in one shot. hope this might help,

Comment by Kittay

I just pity the poor mammoths.

Comment by Kiieru

I think this is the most graphic quest i've ever done, and i've been here since vanilla. o__o

Comment by Slan1011

Unclear how to "throw" bomb. Very, very confusing, per usual for Blizz, don't see how the bomb is suposed to get from the player to the mammoth. I've clicked everything I can think of to try and throw it or put it under the creature.

Comment by 4chan

As of 5.0.5, the chunks of mammoth meat don't appear to be lootable. I blow up the mammoths and the chunks disappear into the snow.

Comment by sandra361

I just completed this quest, it works even on 5.0.5. Grabbed the UDED then hopped on my mount and clicked on the bomb in my bag after dismounting, all the meat needed dropped from one mammoth. Fun quest :)

Comment by dukenukemi

You pick directly north of K3 next to Tore Rumblewrench who is located right side of Crystalweb Cavern entrance. Then you seek Ironwool Mammoths and blast them and collect the meats.

Comment by oaninor

if you are doing this quest to get the K3 Pachyderm Prevention Device for transmog, you must do first Expression of Gratitude and Reclaimed Rations from Ricket to get this one. you don't need any other pre quest.

Comment by shandiee

In Norwegian Tore is an male name

Comment by Turpentine

This is one messed up and messy quest. but oh so AWESOME!

Comment by darthloup

Could not figure out how to use it. Finally after a few tries I realized its in the bag and you have to put it in an action bar to make sure you can use it.

Comment by joneser67

Just did this today (9/21/14) and it was very simple. Some people note that you have to be on top of the bomb dispenser to get it. Nope. I was standing next to the goblin there and picking up more quests, then clicked the dispenser. No problem. This is a time bomb, however, so you have to start moving as soon as you get the bomb (was 45 seconds, good thing I clicked the dispenser last). I did see a herd heading my way and targeted one, opened my bags and right clicked the bomb. Boom goes the mammoth! After clicking the "shinies" and picking up pieces of mammoth chunks, brushed off the bits that were stuck to my helm and turned it in.

Comment by GitGudGuides Comment by WoWGnGP Comment by Boxofbeer Ample Inspiration Description

Wow! That stuff is nasty. Not to account for gnoll taste or anything, but I figured whatever they had would at least be. edible?

Let's get more creative.

Tore's got an explosive dispenser north of town. not far from the big cavern entrance, can't miss it. I'm sure she intends them for mining purposes of some sort, but I've got a better idea.

Grab one of those things and rush it to one of the nearby mammoths. most of them are to the west. Collect the meat, bring it back.

I know my plan was brilliant. Don't even worry about it.

Does it feel good to be in the presence of greatness? A little tingly maybe?

And it's already well-done! I outdo myself sometimes.

Thanks much, friend!


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