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Essay about myself 150 words: Writing the essay

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essay about myself 150 words

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Elaborate Your Extra-curricular Activity In About 150 Words - With A Free Essay Review

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Pli�, Three step turn, Ba Zi Yuan and freestyle--these are what I have been doing since age six. For me, dancing is both a routine and spontaneous activity I perform every day.

As a dance crew leader, I enjoy choreographing dance routines. I feel encouraged to see people become in tune with the emotions and messages of the music through my choreography. As I dance to the rhythm of the music, I am able to express myself freely, forget my troubles and release all my stress.

Among various types of dance, I love hip hop the most. It connects me with people from other cultures through powerful moves. I also learnt that skills and accuracy are not the most important qualities in dance; attitude (the �groove�) is what matters. With a positive attitude in dance, as well as in life, there isn't anything I can't accomplish. Eventually, I hope to explore the effects of combining different types of dance, creating my own style of artistic expression.

You make dance sound like fun. Perhaps it is fun. But where is the blood, the sweat, the pain, the work? Where's the stretching of ligaments, and contorting of limbs, and flexing of arches, and eating of pea soup and lowfat yoghurt? Where is the little bit of insanity that you find in every artist? If you want to convince me that with the right attitude there isn't anything you can't accomplish, then the attitude in question needs to be more than merely "positive." There are lots of people in the world with gobs of positivity that don't accomplish a goddamned thing. You know what it actually takes to produce something of value in the field of dance. Write about that.

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