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Energy Drink Dangers Essay About Myself

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Dangers of Energy Drinks - Essay by Rjohnson92

Dangers of Energy Drinks Essay

Below is an essay on "Dangers of Energy Drinks" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

1. Briefly explain the purpose of the study. This is usually found toward the end of the introduction.

The purpose of this study is to educate its readers on how energy drinks can affect your body. It gives health concerns for people using these drinks who are pregnant and/or those drinking them while working.

2. Briefly explain the methods section of the study. This includes participants, sample size, instrument/materials, and procedure.

This article starts off giving the background information on what energy drinks are like how much caffeine they have, what the possible physical side effects they can have, etc. It also talks about what the pharmacologic effects can be. For example, it explains how caffeine is a methlyxanthine and how it can affect the central nervous system if used improperly or too often. The next section talks about how people who have anxiety disorders or who are pregnant should limit the amount of caffeine they consume because of the adverse effects such as nervousness, headache, dehydration, seizures, increased blood pressure and heart rate, and gastrointestinal upset. It also has a table that shows the caffeine content of several drinks like coffee and soda and how much more caffeine energy drinks have than the rest. The final section before the conclusion discusses energy drinks in the work place and when they are mixed with alcohol. It explains the concept of “crashing” after drinking too much caffeine and the dangers of mixing them with alcohol. An example of one of these dangers is, “the extra alertness provided by the energy drinks can enable individuals to drink more alcohol at one time, putting them at risk for alcohol poisoning.” (Guilbeau 427)

3. Briefly explain the results of the study.

This article has a conclusion instead of a results section. In the conclusion it talks about how with the increasing popularity of energy drinks, there should.

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The Dangers of an - All-Nighter: The Health Risks Associated with Energy Drinks? SiOWfa12: Science in Our World: Certainty and Controversy

The Dangers of an "All-Nighter:" The Health Risks Associated with Energy Drinks?

So not only do I have the blog posts for SC 200 due tomorrow, but I also have a midterm for one of my hardest classes. As I sat at my computer today thinking of my impending workload--and my subsequent plan to stock up on energy drinks-- I stumbled on an article on Huffington Post. The article was about a 14-year-old girl who died from cardiac arrythmia. According to the article, the teenagers's fatal arrythmia was linked to caffeine toxicity which was then linked to her consumption of two 24oz. Monster energy drinks in one day. This story also reminded me of the media attention given to several Four Loko related deaths a few years ago. This study that I found recognizes the dangers of energy drinks, like Four Loko, that are mixed with alcohol, but contends that those (like the Monster consumed by Anais Fournier) are also dangerous. Interestingly enough, it also makes the case that those who are consume energy drinks without alcohol are prone to alcohol dependence down the line.

The family of Anais Fournier, the girl in the article, is currently suing Monster for the death of their daughter. By way of the Freedom of Information Act, the Fournier family learned that there were five others fatalities in recent years linked to consumption of the Monster drinks. Reading this the a few hours before planning to pull an "all-nighter," I naturally freaked out.

While carefully selecting my Red Bull a few hours later (making sure it was less than 24oz.) I got to thinking: what are the signs of a caffeine overdose?

Currently, the FDA has limitations (200 mg/dose) on the amount of caffeine that can exist in over the counter products. This is equivalent to a 12oz. cup of brewed coffee. One 24 oz. can of monster contains 240 mg of caffeine (7x the amount in a 12oz. soda), meaning that Anais consumed 480 mg of caffeine when she drank two cans. While reading about the amount she consumed, I wondered: what exactly is in these drinks? Curious, I looked up the ingredients, and listed just a few of the many that I have no idea how to pronounce. Your guess as good as mine when it comes to what some of these things are:

  • taurine
  • caffeine
  • niacinamide
  • sodium chloride
  • glucuronolactone
  • inositol
  • guarana seed extract
  • pyridoxine
  • hydrochloride
  • . just to name a few!

Some of the effects of caffeine overdose can be seen in the diagram above. The most common symptoms I was able to find related to increased heart rate, heart palpatations, nervousness, and other symptoms that would be associated with a overdose of a stimulant. Currently, there is no scientific information that leads us to believe that caffeine affects people differently based on their race or sex.

In light of the dangerous health risks posed by caffeine consumption, pressure has been put on the FDA by several members of Congress to impose stricter limitations. When it comes to sodas, the FDA limits the caffeine to 0.02% of the drink. Surprising, there exists no such limit for energy drinks.

More information related to this topic can be found at:

JAEL A CHARLES | October 26, 2012 4:15 AM | Reply

This post in particular caught my attention because well. what do you know. I'm pulling an all-nighter for my assignments right now !

Pulling an all-nighter isn't something that is new to me. I have been pulling all nighters since junior high school, and in high school all-nighters became a day to day thing.

I never tried energy drinks until my junior year of high school. Junior year was of course the most stressful because it was the year "you're supposed to work the hardest." Senior year was difficult as well because I was applying to college. In addition, I had several APs both years.

The only energy drink I've ever tried is 5 hour energy. From my experience, it either worked for STRICTLY 5 hours or it didn't work and I just convinced myself that it did. Regardless, I still drank it. I found myself mixing it with water or orange juice because the taste is not pleasant at all.
Too much of anything is bad for you, but Do you think energy drinks can be substituted with something else? Or do you think there are any other common foods that aide in keeping people awake?

Thanks for informing this AFTER i pulled an all-nighter on energy drinks. Of course, I know it's bad but it's essential in college. I find energy drinks as a better substitute to coffee and it's more accessible at night when you need to grab some. Like Jael, I didn't try energy drinks until pretty late, Freshmen year of college for myself. I've also heard reports of monsters being linked to deaths as well!
I also wanted to ask what would be good substitutes. How do you feel about fruit being an acceptable substitute. Or, as unhealthy as it is, sodas filled with caffeine such as Mountain Dew?

Although energy drinks are unhealthy as you suggest on their own, I found an article that suggests mixing them with drinks like Gatorade has become a major problem among high school athletes. the National Federation of State High School Associations cautioned that caffeinated energy drinks — often confused with such products as Gatorade, a fluid replacement drink — should not be consumed before, during or after physical activity because they could raise the risk of dehydration and increase the chance of potentially fatal heat illnesses. In Orange County, California, at least four high school football players were taken to the emergency room last season with rapid heartbeats after consuming the combination, said Michael F. Shepard, a team physician and member of the California Interscholastic Federation's state medical advisory board. Do you think this trend is becoming a problem among college athletes as well as they try to keep up with their active schedules?

I actually wrote a blog similar to yours about caffeine. When doing research it really shocked me what exactly they put in energy drinks. I looked up the ingredients in an energy drink as well. A science teacher of mine in high school always said that when looking at ingredients in a food or drink item, if it is hard to pronounce, it is most likely not good for you. This is defintely true when looking at the ingredients for a Monster or Amp. Energy drinks are packed full of so many bad things for your body, aside from the extreme amounts of caffeine it contains. I did not know the amounts of caffeine in an energy drink were that much more than coffee, but they top coffee by an unhealthy level. This definitely has made me rethink my choice of drink when I have a late night of studying ahead of me.

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Energy drinks dangerous

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Energy drinks dangerous

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Redline Energy Drink Dangers - Website of xajokeep!

Redline Energy Drink Dangers - Website of xajokeep! Redline Energy Drink Dangers

Redline energy drink dangers

Should warning labels be added to energy drinks containing caffeine due to the a sharp rise caffeine toxicity cases in teenagers. Ingredients such as carbohydrates, sugar, caffeine and herbs can cause dangerous, negative side effects when. However, many of them can be dangerous in large amounts. Redline energy drink, made by Vital Pharmaceuticals, which trades as VPX, is marketed as an energy booster and weight-loss drink. There are many side effects to Monster Energy Drinks. Redline Energy drink is a dietary supplement manufactured by VPX Sports, a company that makes sports nutrition products such as protein.

Energy Drink Category 2008 Energy Drink Market Research Research primarily from Energy Drinks 2007 Mintel Report Overview of the Energy. VPX Redline energy drinks contain a wide range of chemicals, some commonly known and some less widely used. It is energy which counts in every field where 'the need of the hour' is performance and to beat fatigue. Redline is an extremely powerful energy drink made by the supplement company VPX Sports. Having used this energy drink myself, I can personally say that it is Energy Drink Presentation Amp Energy Drink; XS Energy Drink; Redline Energy Drink; Rock Energy drinks become significant in 1997 with products like Red Bull and.

Redline energy drink caffeine content

See nutritional content including caffeine, calories, carbohydrates, calories, and more. Energy drinks are drinks designed to improve physical performance and increase stamina. Redline RTD contains a proprietary blend of caffeine, amino acids, their derivatives, herbal ingredients such as huperzine A. There are myriad brands and varieties of energy drinks.

In 1987, it was launched first in Austria, in a carbonated format, and. The following is a notable list of energy drinks, with a few coffee variants, and some soft drinks such as Coca-Cola, Mountain Dew, and Pepsi listed for comparison. An energy drink is a type of beverage which is purported to boost mental or physical energy. The largest caffeine content database of energy drinks, sodas, coffees and teas on the Internet. Cost: $3.00. you can get a case of 24 for right around $42.00 - $44.00 Cost Per Ounce: $0.36 Active Ingredients: Caffeine, Evoburn, Hydroxy, Yerba Mate. Redline energy drinks contain caffeine, 5-HTP and a blend of amino acids and herbs, such as vinpocetine, cAMP, n-acetyl-tyrosine, yohimbine, evodiamine, green tea and. Red Bull is one of the most popular energy drinks in the world.

Redline energy drink review

Check out the latest Redline Energy Drink Review and rating based on price, taste, ingredients and kick. Suggest a Beverage to Rate or get your Companies Energy Drinks Rated! /> unbiased vpx redline review for athletes who are trying to lose weight while improving energy levels. Redline's unique formula makes it a much more versatile - and. The Ultimate Energy Rush with Freeze & Burn Fat Loss Technology. Vpx redline gives you unparalleled energy and fat loss from its.

Large collection of energy drink ratings and reviews based on taste, price, and kick. Read unbiased user reviews on Energy supplements, and submit your own review. Energy drink reviews: Monster, Red Bull, 5-Hour Energy, Rockstar, AMP and Energy Potions. No other product in the world gives you the mind and body-altering experience generated by Redline Ready to Drinks and Redline Liquid Capsules.

Energy Drink Dangers

Jake, 22, used to start his day as many of us do: with a nice, hot cup of coffee. That is, until recently, when he consumed a cup of coffee and an energy drink within 30 minutes of each other, triggering a dangerous and potentially deadly response from his body. Jake says that he began to feel palpitations in his heart, shortness of breath and light-headedness. When the palpitations and irregular beating didn’t stop, Jake and his mother, Laura, rushed to the emergency room, where an EKG showed that Jake was suffering from atrial fibrillation.

Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears explains that energy drinks have become increasingly popular with children and teens, leading to an increase in caffeine overdoses. Dr. Travis emphasizes the importance of limiting your caffeine intake and knowing your baseline pulse, so you can more easily spot dangerous changes to your respiratory function.

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Energy drink marketing plan

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About Us More About Us Energy drink marketing plan

Published: 23, March 2015

The main purpose of this summary of the AMP for an energy drink marketing plan is to highlight the main points. Variety of analysis tools to develop and market segmentation in the marketing mix has provided valuable information.

Pepsi soft drinks in the world, ranking # 2 manufacturer and ongoing research and new product development, has been investing money on. Since early 2001 the release of AMP, the energy drink market has become a major contender, but a problem between the brand and its competitors had established itself. AMP Mountain dew the original flavour basis. AMP following: B-complex vitamins has been improved, Taurine, the Ginseng, Guarana MDX5.

The names of energy drink a lot of attractive male qualities, strength and power as men and sex is expressed. These features are more appealing to men than women. Energy drink market is now becoming very competitive one. They are all in the market trying to find identity, along with a lot of energy drinks to find out that they want to market their products, the type of person.

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How much success is the location of AMP Energy Drink, it will affect the market. AMP's positioning strategy, product, place, events will be developed on the basis of price. In order, to increase customer awareness of product advertising and promotion of highly publicized events are required. AMP of its products to reach the location is an important key market. AMP campus through the placement of the product, especially in vending machines throughout the bookstore, and the bars and nightclubs than they are here to provide access.


AMP energy drink Mountain Dew, PepsiCo owns the following brands. Who PepsiCo's North American division of work in the United States and Canada is an international company. In addition, its international business with over 175 countries, operating in Mexico, along with PepsiCo the largest in the UK to work. This convenient food and beverage company is a leader of the world. For PepsiCo consist of Frito-lay, Pepsi Cola, Gatorade, Tropicana, and Quaker Foods is composed. "The success of PepsiCo high standards of superior product performance, distinctive competitive strategies and the integrity of our people is the result of a high." Pepsi's financial performance Overview of the mission and goals, and discuss corporate citizenship..

Mission and goals. PepsiCo's mission is the nose "the world's leading consumer Products Company focused on convenient foods and beverages. We offer the opportunity for investors seeking to produce healthy financial rewards growth and enrichment of our employees, business partners, and we operating and the community. And we have to do everything; we are honest, fair effort and sincerity. "This mission statement with the available, PepsiCo, it is responsible for the quality of life with the community, it associates to contribute to the said are reported.

"PepsiCo safe and healthy working environment and environmental responsible corporate citizen and is committed. It is our policy that all applicable environments is to comply with health and safety regulations." Mission statement and their environmental commitment to the atmosphere by PepsiCo that continue to present their company's success shows potential.

소리나는 대로 읽기

Situation Analysis PESTLE Overall

AMP energy drink in the functional beverage industry has growth potential. Functional drinks nutritional supplements and herbal medicines, known as the beverage is enhanced. This is a multi-billion dollar industry. Currently, PepsiCo for approximately 27 billion U.S. dollars in sales revenue in 2003 is $ 3,000,000,000 or more. PepsiCo International to a $ 1,000,000,000 in 2002-2003 raised the net profit, which forces the entire 'net sales are approximately 32%. In particular, the nose of Pepsi soft drinks sales increased 1.5 percent in 2002, currently has 26% of their U.S. market share. Pepsi's almost 16% of the total product mix to account for the Mountain Dew brand is a brand of the fastest growing in the United States. Mountain Dew Code Red Mountain Dew products to increase the popularity of the company's revenue continues to increase. PepsiCo is one driver of a supermarket sales growth close to double that outperforming the competition number. PepsiCo has implemented many projects and programs to help give back to the communities in which it serves. A few events that PepsiCo participates in are sponsoring local programs and support of employee volunteer activities

SWOT Analysis Weaknesses

Always on Time
Marked to Standard

Energy drinks market is very young, and more than 100 energy drinks are currently on the market. AMP to the extensive product lines you need to market themselves to survive. Distribution of AMP to the current limit, and all the other energy drinks distributors of products for the option you have concerns. AMP in the store level, a lack of eye-catching display. Red Bull alone catch the attention of customers at the counter is displayed in a convenience store and a large cooler.


AMP energy drinks a day for a big power since it has. AMP in the world has been made under the second soft-drink maker. This is its own energy drink category with 100 or more AMP's competitive advantage can be. Mike's nose in order to promote Pepsi distributor should be used with a good reputation. AMP under the name of the PepsiCo is one of the most popular soft drink Mountain dew classification, under the brand. As Pepsi Mountain dew by taking a similar marketing approach, the energy drink market, PepsiCo itself can provide a large share of.


Scrutinized by the general health professionals in the energy drinks continue. The question of health problems among researchers, the main topic of energy drinks to continue. AMP should take this issue seriously and educate consumers of the proper use and possible dangers of drinking energy drinks and alcohol are mixed. These elements have not made myself interested in many of them will be differentiated from the competition


AMP seamlessly with other popular Pepsi's successful product strategy, and his nose for the ads should match. AMP energy drink of it by increasing advertising, Pepsi will increase customer awareness of products. AMP is also the greatest opportunity for customers to recognize that by doing a promotional event on campus, you must imitate the Red Bull. AMP energy drinks taste the best available in the market either. Products by paying attention to the increase of exposure, we also target customers of your favourite energy drink AMP would look like. Spreading the features and benefits of AMP Energy Drink AMP the typical benefits of a refreshing change for coffee will help.

Extreme images of life and the promotion of youth drinking increase customers are looking for the next hour trying to AMP to attract energy. Because of the popularity of energy drinks in a bar and drink producers to increase sales team Red Bull, such as the number of AMP in the cause - the bar could be named here.

Differential Advantage/Competitive Analysis

The goal of the AMP and other Pepsi products PepsiCo is consistent with the goals. This goal has a market share of the AMP and it is profitable to do so is to use Mountain dew popular taste. Many energy drinks on the market today, and AMP and Pepsi is a major goal of the nose it's the best competition in the energy drinks sector is to make.

Trends. Energy drinks are still a baby only a popular drink their two years in the industry. Most of today's energy drinks are popular in clubs and bars. Alcohol and late night partiers drink mix to allow for a cocktail party, you can create. The trend today in the United States and most bars serve the kind of energy bar that Red Bull will continue to drink behind the cooler.

Ad. Currently, the only Red Bull Energy Drink on TV ads are. Red Bull energy drink has become the common name for. Because they are not currently advertising it provides benefits to all energy drinks. Customers who go to the store to see the Red Bull ads, but they can not necessarily buy a Red Bull. Customers that they really enjoy the energy drinks, and consumers, are looking for an energy drink energy drinks as much as the taste is good.

Competitor Analysis

Energy Drink only featured about two years, yet they are one of the beverage industry's fastest growing market for is, "energy drinks a soda pop in the 21st century there are alternatives that do." Experts agree the energy drink market is growing Even if, it's "niche" and not just full of alcoholic beverages make up a small percentage of the market. Industry in 1987 when the Red Bull energy drink in Austria for the first time began to adopt. Red Bull in 1997 in the United States began selling its products. Energy drinks have entered the market, as companies around the world a chance to think the Red Bull brand is playing in cash.

This Essay is a Student's Work

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Food and beverage industry from the threat of new entry in the low current market has an overwhelming presence is a powerhouse. In particular beverage sector, Pepsi-Cola's main competition. AMP is currently trying to find every niche and differentiate themselves in this rapidly evolving market, about 100 kinds of energy drinks and is a competition. AMP's top six rivals by reporting, easier to see the whole of the energy drinks market can.

By evaluating the Pepsi, energy drink customers, AMP's products, and AMP, the situation analysis has been performed in competition. PepsiCo is the world's second beverage maker to ongoing research and new product development is to invest some money. Since its launch early in 2001, it became a major competitor in the energy drink market, but the problems create brand had established itself among its competitors. SWOT analysis has been developed through a survey of these components.

Market Segmentation Analysis

AMP's key goals are to create their men. 18-24 In addition, three male college students in their academic and social life, to improve performance, high-interest to maintain energy. Most AMP on the segmentation strategy is an important way of life. The group's interests, making energy a major concern of both academic and social activities will include a mixture. Geographical or near college AMP uses or consumption of AMP Life; city where tradition of the bar has facilities to enrich. In fact, 58% of university students working part-time employment, and average students on average spend $ 133 a month on any topic, despite the minimum wage. Towards the marketing of the university men, AMP part of a year spent 70 billion U.S. dollars in the hope that undergraduates can get.

The names of energy drinks a lot of attractive male qualities, strength and power as men, and sex is expressed. These features are more appealing to men than women. Energy drink market is now becoming very competitive one. They are all in the market trying to find identity, along with a lot of energy drinks to find out that they want to market their products, the type of person. AMP energy drinks are consumed when you have a number of useful components. Academic, social and health benefits of the AMP can be implemented in the consumption of energy drinks. The typical male college student's lifestyle is somewhat unpredictable. Balancing school, work, friends, family, and fun to the task is not easy to carry. It is the middle or whether your friends all night cramming for a date, the university's men will need all the energy you can get.

Marketing Objectives and Goals Short Period Objectives

AMP marketing plan through a few short-term plan has been determined. They create awareness of products, increasing market share of Pepsi and AMP nasal increase in sales and more. Pepsi AMP in the nose of the energy drink industry is planning to increase market share. And to create innovative new products and product lines that compete with PepsiCo the nose can achieve a competitive advantage. In addition, some of them away from the current functional beverage industry to compete in the 100 products can be dragged. PepsiCo's sales improved significantly AMP dew Mountain plans to sell. AMP's sale or a noticeable increase in the short term may not be, but it is more in the long run, it sold a substantial portion of the Mountain dew will show an increase. Pepsi-focused long-term goals of the nose 16 to 17 percent of the revenue from the sale of AMP is to increase some of the Mountain dew.

Long Period Objectives

AMP is a new marketing plan that we want to retain some of the AMP has developed a long-term goals after you create. They, PepsiCo, and products to increase awareness of the long-term soft drink industry has become a world leader in products that need continuous bar AMP. It's nose to the Pepsi soft drink industry continues to help the world's leading new products that are made. Pepsi is also the nose at first, is to reach new potential customers to create these new products which Pepsi has not drawn the nose of the current product. PepsiCo at the end than the Red Bull energy drink industry, the AMP's current plans to hold a big ceremony. It recognizes that customers want to be related to the AMP's and PepsiCo power house. It is the common name, such as Red Bull do not want to AMP is created. AMP is a different brand name, do not mistake the customer-specific plans to be an energy drink.

Marketing strategies (4P's)

The following marketing strategies (4P) has been the development of quality and image of how the AMP's customers than its competitors in terms of alcohol can produce visible. How much success is the location of AMP Energy Drink, it will affect the market. AMP's positioning strategy, product, price, promotion, based on the development and pricing.


Health benefits of energy drinks are still currently being debated, however, there is one kind of off the discussion, and their ability to provide great benefit to the company. A number of relatively low retail prices, while energy drinks Pepsi, the latest craze in the nose are looking for cash. AMP's current price reflects the cost of the related manufacturing and production. Furthermore, AMP's cost by more than the Mountain Dew brand value has been established. Whether there are more customers that AMP could be due to the recognition or an extra large doses of vitamins, caffeine is added to the nutritional and health purposes


At the moment, AMP is not being promoted heavily Mountain Dew. AMP Energy drink want to increase the amount of promotion can be. This advertising and promotion through the shops and bars and vending machines should be increased within. AMP is not advertising on the Internet does not use any other form. Pepsi's profits nose, the AMP less than 3% of the products you want to advertise, you can specify. When the possibility of ad AMP, the best form of media through the print will be considered; the magazine is correct. Magazine in the male population to provide the most direct route. Television magazine to target a specific audience, while a large population of people who


AMP Mountain dew the original flavour basis. AMP as follows: Taurine, ginseng and has been enhanced, B-complex vitamins, complex carbohydrates and Pepsi has a patent on the nose that MDX5. AMP B-vitamins can be found in the drinking element glow under black light.


Where consumers purchase a product is very important. It is easily accessible and should appeal to targeted consumers. Male college students through campus, AMP is convenient for its products should be placed.


Just look at some of the above competitors, making it easier to work with the Pepsi can be seen the nose of new products and original. Today there are over there so that you can vary the effect of AMP it wants to make are so many energy drinks.

AMP's marketing plan has great potential and very promising, but absolutely nothing in the business world I'm sure. Pepsi demographic target market is the nose, especially the successes and failures of AMP, should be monitored. In order to increase the popularity and sales of AMP, AMP whether it is effectively running a marketing plan should be evaluated. Short-term success of AMP due to the increase in sales, but rather on the basis of words in the mouth may not be. Bar, if you can continue to sell to your customers and receive AMP brand name beverages and increased exposure, AMP and long-term success to show their allegiance to retain an interest in consumer products are the focus.

Pepsi is recommended to evaluate the campus, bars, AMP has been distributed to the building will be surveyed. If you drink two boys, they actually study at night or during the day for the purpose of purchasing can be found. Whether or how quickly the product directly to consumers are satisfied with their purchase .Direct surveys to bar owners and male students can help see how fast the products are moving and whether the consumers seem to be satisfied with their purchase

AMP's new marketing plan that the male students, the success or failure of the product due to increased focus and exposure to the best of my monitor can check the campus. When evaluating the success of marketing for AMP, it is a short-term success is not enough, the long-term should be considered. AMP concerns the basic marketing plan on how effectively the name of the market is spread and get a popular.

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Energy Drink Dangers: Beverage Beware

Beverage Beware: Energy Drink Dangers

It’s the fastest-growing part of this country’s beverage market.

They are especially popular among athletes, students, or anyone looking for that extra edge at the gym, on the playing field, or in the classroom. Sold in colorful cans and bottles, available in stores and fitness centers, they are heavily advertised and often endorsed by athletes. Sporting events and concerts are even sponsored by them. The product is marketed as providing desirable and healthful benefits.

And they should have safety warnings on them.

Energy drinks. Beverages like Red Bull, Monster, 5-Hour Energy, Go Girl and Rockstar. People take them to boost their performance and speed recovery times after exertion. Problem is – they can also cause sudden cardiac death if too much is consumed.

The problem? Caffeine.

Almost all of these drinks contain caffeine, which can raise your heart rate and blood pressure. In fact, they can raise your heart rate and blood pressure much more than the actual athletic activity. This can lead to arrhythmias and sudden death. If you already have a propensity for heart disease (which you might not even know about yet), these drinks would further accelerate those conditions. Athletes often exert to the point that their heart rates near maximum. If they’ve consumed something that raises those rates further – there is risk. It may be relatively rare, but definitely possible.

Beyond even these acute dangers, energy drinks will dehydrate you – which is not what you want from a drink when you’re already dehydrating from exercise.

Most of these drinks are also very high in sugar, though some offer sugar-free and diet versions. Many also contain taurine, ginseng and guarana. Taurine increases heart rate and blood pressure, similar to caffeine. Guarana contains approximately twice as much caffeine as coffee beans.

This is all of such concern that in 2008, the National Federation of State High School Associations strongly recommended that energy drinks shouldn’t be used for hydration purposes, and not be consumed by athletes that are dehydrated. They suggest only water and suitable sports drinks be used for rehydration. Further, they contend that energy drinks shouldn’t be used by athletes who are taking prescription or over-the-counter medicines without approval by a physician.

While drinking one of these drinks now and then is fine, many people consume them far too often. Most athletes would not drink large amounts of coffee before an event. Yet they aren’t aware of the caffeine levels in these “energy drinks.”

My overall suggestion? To be on the safe side, simply to avoid these energy drinks, especially as they are not regulated.

[About the author: Dr. Ramin Manshadi is a Board-Certified physician with the American Board of Interventional Cardiology, American Board of Cardiology, American Board of Internal Medicine and is Board-Eligible with the American Board of Nuclear Cardiology. He is an Associate Clinical Professor in the Department of Cardiology at UC Davis Medical Center. Dr. Manshadi was named a “2011 Top Cardiologist” by U.S. News & World Report. He is the author of The Wisdom of Heart Health: Attaining a Healthy and Robust Heart in Today’s Modern World. For more information, please visit, .]
[Image: Lisa Padilla ]