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James Aldridge

AKA Harold Edward James Aldridge

Gender: Male
Race or Ethnicity: White
Sexual orientation: Straight
Occupation: Novelist

Nationality: Australia
Executive summary:The True Story of Lilli Stubeck

Father: William Thomas Aldridge
Mother: Edith Quayle Aldridge
Wife: Dina Mitchnik (m. 1942, two sons)

Author of books:
The Diplomat (1949 )
The Hunter (1951. novel)
The Last Exile (1961 )
Cairo (1969 )
Ride a Wild Pony (1975 )
The True Story of Spit Macphee (1988 )
The True Story of Lilli Stubeck (1989 )
The True Story of Lola Mackellar (1992 )
The Girl from the Sea (2002 )
The Wings of Kitty St Clair (2006 )

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My name is Bryan Lilly. I’m a 32–year–old Christian, husband, father, and coffee–drinker. Also, I develop websites .

Having been born and raised in beautiful southern West Virginia, I have been indelibly formed and influenced by the art and culture of Appalachia. I didn’t fully appreciate such things—the art, the music, the folklore, simple living—while growing up, but I would not be who I am today apart from them.

I currently live in Louisville, KY, with my wife, our daughter, and our cat. We spend our days and nights changing diapers, laughing, taking a lot of pictures of our daughter, enjoying the ordinariness of life, and serving our church (Sojourn Community Church. East Campus). My wife sings for the worship team while I help with pastoral-care and counseling.

To the degree that I am formed by Appalachian culture, I am equally indebted to the influence of authors and thinkers such as Tim Keller, Abraham Kuyper, N. T. Wright, Eugene Peterson, J. R. R. Tolkien, and Wendell Berry.

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James Aldridge

James Aldridge

James Aldridge (Harold Edward James Aldridge. born 10 July 1918 ) is a multi-award winning Australian author

James Aldridge was born in Swan Hill. Victoria and currently lives in Battersea. South West London. Some of his stories are based on the real living conditions of his hometown such as his 1995 Children's Book Council of Australia book of the year "The True Story of Lilli Stubeck". He lived in Cairo for many years, writing several books about the Middle East, including a novel 'The Diplomat' and a book tracing the history of Cairo.

He won a Lenin Peace Prize in 1973 for 'his outstanding struggle for the preservation of peace'. He has also won the John Llewellyn Rhys Memorial Prize. the World Peace Council Gold Medal, and the International Organization of Journalists Prize.

* "The Diplomat " (1949)
* "Cairo - Biography of a City" (1969)
* "Ride a Wild Pony" (1975)
* "The True Story of Spit Macphee" (1988)
* "The True Story of Lilli Stubeck" (1989)
* "The Girl from the Sea" (2002)
* "The Wings of Kitty St Clair" (2006)

* [ Penguin Books Australia biography ]

Wikimedia Foundation. 2010 .

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Don't forget to SMILE. just be yourself, & just incase you didn't already know, you are amazing, have a great day!💚😊 Anon(:

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Remembering James Aldridge

I first encountered James Aldridge ’s books in the Kangaroo Flat Library when I was a braces-wearing, freckled eleven-year-old in zinc cream and Ken Done shorts.

Positioned awkwardly between a vast shopping-centre carpark and the noisy Calder Highway to Melbourne, the small library was nonetheless a cultural beacon to little country nerds like me. It was certainly one of my favourite places to escape to, along with the front seat of my family's yellow Mitsubishi van, where I could hide right outside our house and read in peace all weekend.

There wasn’t a wide range of children’s novels on the Kangaroo Flat Library shelves, but that made the discovery of Aldridge’s wonderful books TheTrue Story of Lilli Stubeck (1984) and The True Story of Spit MacPhee (1986) all the more remarkable.

These were stories about dirty, barefoot country kids who lived on the outskirts of St Helen (based on Swan Hill, 190 kilometres north of Kangaroo Flat) in the 1930s, and they were real to me in a way a lot of other children’s books weren't.

The True Story of Spit MacPhee

Like many of Aldridge’s twenty-six books, Lilli Stubeck. winner of the 1985 CBCA Book of the Year, and Spit MacPhee. winner of the Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize and the NSW Premier’s Literary Award, were tales of free-spirited, neglected kids who didn’t really belong ‘in town’. Lilli and Spit smelled of dust and brown Murray River water, they had a sense of right and wrong that had nothing to do with adult authority figures, and they couldn’t help but be themselves. Along with Colin Thiele’s books, Thurley Fowler’s The Green Wind and Nadia Wheatley’s The House that Was Eureka . they had an enormous impact on the way I viewed myself and the way I understood Australian history.

A television adaptation of Spit MacPhee screened in 1988 and the freckle-faced little boy who starred as Spit (who came from Quambatook—known to us as Quamby) bought his family a fridge with the money he earned. There was a picture of him and the fridge in the local paper. Things really didn’t seem to have changed all that much in country Victoria between the thirties, when James Aldridge’s novels were set, and the late eighties.

James Aldridge died in London this week, aged in his nineties. Two of his finest novels live on as a Text Classic and a Pen g uin ebook. And in me and probably thousands of other readers around the country.

—Kirsty Wilson, Sales & Marketing Director

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James Aldridge

James Aldridge Biografie şi Bibliografie

Harold Edward James Aldridge (born 10 July 1917) is a multi-award winning Australian author and journalist whose World War II despatches were published worldwide and formed the basis of several of his novels, including the prize-winning The Sea Eagle about Australian troops in Crete.

Aldridge was born in White Hills, a suburb of Bendigo, Victoria. By the mid 1920s the Aldridge family had moved to Swan Hill, and many of his Australian stories are based on his life growing up there. Aldridge moved to London in 1938; he currently lives in Battersea, South West London.

The stories that are based on the real living conditions of his hometown of Swan Hill include his 1995 Children's Book Council of Australia book of the year The True Story of Lilli Stubeck, one of his St Helen series of children's books. He lived in Cairo for many years, writing several books about the Middle East, including Cairo - Biography of a City and the novels The Diplomat and Heroes of the Empty View. His 1973 children's novel A Sporting Proposition was adapted for the 1975 Disney film Ride a Wild Pony.

He won a Lenin Peace Prize in 1972 for 'his outstanding struggle for the preservation of peace'. He has also won the John Llewellyn Rhys Prize, the World Peace Council Gold Medal, and was awarded the Gold Medal for Journalism by the Organisation for International Journalists in 1972.

Signed with Their Honour (Wyatt & Watt, 1943)
The Sea Eagle (Michael Joseph, 1944) - John Llewellyn Rhys Prize, 1945
Of Many Men (Michael Joseph, 1946)
The Diplomat (Bodley Head, 1949)
The Hunter (Bodley Head, 1950)
Heroes of the Empty View (Bodley Head, 1954)
Undersea Hunting for Inexperienced Englishmen (Allen & Unwin, 1955)
I Wish He Would Not Die (Bodley Head, 1957)
The Last Exile (Hamish Hamilton, 1961)
A Captive in the Land (Hamish Hamilton, 1962)
My Brother Tom (Hamish Hamilton, 1966)
The Statesman's Game (Hamish Hamilton, 1966)
The Flying 19 (Hamish Hamilton,1966)
Cairo - Biography of a City (1969)
A Sporting Proposition (Ride a Wild Pony) (Little Brown, 1973)
The Untouchable Juli (Little Brown, 1974)
Mockery In Arms (Little Brown, 1974)
The Marvellous Mongolian (Macmillan, 1974)
The Ship's Cat (Jonathan Cape, 1977)
One Last Glimpse (Michael Joseph, 1977)
Goodbye Un-America (Michael Joseph, 1979)
The Lion's Cavalcade (Jonathan Cape, 1980)
The Broken Saddle (Julia Macrae, 1982)
The True Story of Lilli Stubeck (Hyland House, 1984)
The True Story of Spit Macphee (Viking, 1986) - New South Wales Premier's Literary Award, Guardian Award, 1986
The True Story of Lola Mackellar (Viking, 1992)
The Girl from the Sea (Penguin, 2002)
The Wings of Kitty St Clair (Penguin, 2006)

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