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Thank You for Arguing Outline - Essay - 579 Words

Thank You for Arguing Outline

Devin Palmer
Summer Reading Project
Thank You For Arguing
* Point 1
* Point 2
* Point 3
* Point 4
* Point 5
* Control the tense
* Blame is past
* “The rhetoric of the past deals with issues of justice.” – page 29 * “Rhetoric threatens punishment” – page 30
* Values is present
* “The rhetoric of the present handles praise and condemnation, separating the good from the bad.” – page 29 * “The present tense rhetoric tends to finish with people bonding or separating” – page 30 * Choice is future

* “Argument promises a payoff. You can see why Aristotle dedicated the rhetoric of decision making to the future.” – page 30 * To confuse an opponent, or to change the direction of an argument, change the tense. Use the past to pin blame, the present to argue morals, and the future to suggest ways to peace and to make decisions.

* Get them to like you
* Meet their expectations
* “Decorum: to show proper decorum, act the way your audience expects you to act, not necessarily like your audience.” – page 46 *
* Make them listen
* Share their values
* “Virtue- the audience believes you share their values” * Shared values
* “Practical Wisdom, or Street Smarts – you appear to know the right thing to do in every occasion” * “Selflessness, or Disinterest – the audience’s interest seems to be your sole concern” * You want the audience to like and trust you, so that they will agree, you want them to be receptive and retentive (all a part of ethos) * Get a witness to BRAG about you or for you, it will add credibility for you and your cause * Control the mood

* Pathos
* “Emotions come from experience and expectations” – page 80 * ‘When you argue emotionally, speak simply.” – page 83 * “Besides storytelling, pathos depends on.

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Thankyou for ArguingOutline Introduction I. Rhetoric A. “Art of Persuasion” (Preface) B. Few colleges and universities still teach it C. Romans using “the first infomercial tactic” – dirimens copulation. a joining that interrupts 1. “Not only do we have this, but we have….” (5) D. To prove of its importance, Heinrich attempts a day without persuasion 1. “Free of advertising, politics, family squabbles, or any.

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ThankYou for arguing chapter notes Ch.2-Set your goal 1) The goal is to change your audience’s mood, mind, or willingness 2) An argument should be focused on winning over an audience rather than beating them 3) Decide what you want at the end of the argument Ch.3-Control the Tense 1) Future tense is the best in an argument 2) A good strategy is to switch tenses in an argument depending on the situation 3) Changing the tense can.

1230 Words | 4 Pages

Emily Long Mrs. Ward English 11AS August 26, 2014 11 AS Summer Reading Project ThankYou For Arguing . What Aristotle, Lincoln, and Homer Simpson Can Teach Us About the Art of Persuasion is a title written by the not-so-famous, (but extremely well-versed) Jay Heinrichs. Although the title is indeed a mouthful, it serves its purpose in drawing the reader in. Also; the extremely long title is a little hint of what Heinrichs entails in his book, an.

994 Words | 5 Pages

Vincent Nguyen 8/15/11 Pg. 1 Chapter 1 Entry “…rhetoric offers a grander, metaphysical payoff: it jolts you into a fresh new perspective on the human condition. After it awakens you to the argument all around, the world will never seem the same.” (6) In chapter one, “Open Your Eyes,” Heinrichs states that argument is an important social element that surrounds everyday life. People who uses rhetoric, the art of argument, tends to succeed in persuading.

6624 Words | 19 Pages

8 Sunday 2014 ThankYou for Arguing 1. Open Your Eyes The first chapter introduced the reader to the art of rhetoric. He describes how rhetoric works through real life examples. He demonstrates ways that rhetoric persuades us like, argument from strength, and seduction. He tells the reader that the sole purpose of arguing is to persuade the audience. He showed that the chief purpose of.

2276 Words | 5 Pages

the web including bullying, harassment, sexuality, and bizarre forms of celebrity. It reveals how virtual private lives online intercept with reality. This exposé on American online life is reported through many rhetoric techniques to help persuade you to think how much the computer has impact social culture and behaviors sometimes in a negatively way. This episode of Frontline opens up with a basic scenario. It’s Friday night and everyone is online, even if it’s for different.

1315 Words | 4 Pages

unassuming among those above you . to doing outrageous things to stand out against a crowd. Above all this book teaches to be what you must in front of different people. Disguise your intentions, and learn to adapt to the people around you . Of all these 48 laws, the most effective always seemed to be the most simple. Law 1: Never Outshine the Master, is by far the simplest and the most easily broken by those who don’t know the consequence. “Always.

1024 Words | 3 Pages

Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Aaron jay L. Liwag and I am a Criminology student at Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation. I am so excited to be here this afternoon and to have the opportunity to introduce our guest speaker, Police Director General Allan Purisima. Director general Purisima is a product of the public school system. After graduating high school, he enrolled in the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) in 1977. He is part of DIMALUPIG class 1981. After his graduation from.

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WIP Blog - Persuasive Essay Outline

WIP Blog – Persuasive Essay Outline

Intro: Every Pennsylvania child in public schools know they have to take the PSSAs and every Pennsylvania child in public schools hate them. Most students in PA believe the PSSAs are pointless, and they are. I was one of them and I still blame these tests for distorting my education, especially in high school. And now in order to meet funding requirements, many public schools are changing their curriculums just to make sure their students are sufficiently prepared for these tests. The No Child Left Behind Act requires that the Adequate Yearly Progress of Pennsylvania show 100% proficiency by 2014. As school districts are desperately trying to meet this requirement for next year, the education in these districts have plummeted severely. State officials in the Pennsylvania State Department of Education must realize that such a goal is simply unattainable and changes must be made to improve these tests before they damage the Pennsylvania pubic education system too badly. (This might be too specific for the intro although it develops an audience, stance, ethos, and kairos.)

Thesis: The PSSAs are inadequate state standardized tests that are slowly destroying the PA public education system.

Ultimately, I argue that since these poor standardized tests are inefficient, ineffective, and costly, the PA State Department of Education should adopt my 2-Part proposal to ultimately improve the PA public education system.

1. What are the PSSAs?

  • Ever so brief history
  • Purpose
  • Who takes them
  • How they are broken down
  • Impact they have on the education system

2. What is the Problem with the PSSAs? (bullet points may not be in this order)

  • ineffective -> wastes a lot of time
  • inefficient -> they fail to achieve their purpose
  • costly -> really expensive

3. 2-Part Proposal (this will be really detailed in the essay; here I just listed the two main points)

  • Standardized Portion
  • Student Portfolio (Non-standardized portion)

4. Refutation/Problems with the 2-Part Problems (I will be refuting against myself instead of a solid source, so I will back up refutations with third-party facts.)

  • implementation
  • wide acceptance
  • the minute flaws within the standardized portion/non-standarized portion (will be more in depth in the essay)

I don’t know the placement of my sources yet, but most likely I will use the following. I have a general idea of the type of sources that I will need (definitely more than five), so I’m not too worried about finding the exact ones right now.

2 responses to “ WIP Blog – Persuasive Essay Outline ”

1). It is clear that paper is about the PSSAs, but it would be more effective if you said what they were, like “the PSSAs, which are a mandatory standardized test,”. This would help the readers who are not from Pennsylvania or a public school identify with your topic.
2). The kairos is justified by saying that the issue needs to be addressed before public education worsens. There is an urgency to improve the system.
3). The audience is state officials on the board of education in Pennsylvania. That is clear in the introduction.

1). The claim is that the PSSAs are destroying the public school system. It is definitely arguable. Rather than saying ‘that’, however, I might say ‘because’. It makes it sound more like a claim.
2). The evidence relating directly to the thesis seems to come from the second portion where you describe the problem with the PSSAs. The evidence might be more clear if you add statistics such as how well students perform on them and how it relates to the ineffectiveness of the test.
3). The evidence fits the claim well. It relates to the thesis in that it is depleting the public school system. However, it may be stronger with more facts on how the students perform on the test and what exactly they are tested on, which you touch on in the first portion of the body.

Body Outline
1). The order of the paragraphs makes sense. I am just slightly confused on what the 2-part proposal is. If it is a proposal to put in place instead of the PSSAs, perhaps it should come after the refutation. You could consider the other side (what is already in place) and then consider the side that has not been considered yet (the proposal).
2). All of the resources seem reputable. Perhaps you might find a source of opinions on PSSAs to help you with the refutation.
3). The overall body argument supports the thesis well. Like I mentioned before, you might include some statistics that show if the PSSAs have been successful, do the students do well on them? Do they show improvement in the schools? Do the students care to do well on them?

1) It is very clear from your first sentence what this essay is about- standardized testing and that there are issues with it.
2) Since 100% proficiency is required by next year, it’s obvious that this is an important time for this topic.
3) The audience is the PA Dept of Education- that’s specific enough.

1) The claim is that the PSSAs are ineffectual and need to be fixed. This is specific and arguable.
2) Your evidence obviously isn’t too specific at this point, but you have three points (what’s wrong with the PSSAs) that argue for changing the PSSAs. Expanding upon these three points and introducing specific evidence, you’ll be fine.
3) The three points that you are making do back up your claim, but will be more supportive once you have specific facts.
Body Outline
1) The order of your body (describing PSSAs, what’s wrong, what to do about it, refutation) makes sense. I’d keep it in that order.
2) You have several government sites, which are probably as reputable as it gets. The others seem to be news stories or editorials, which also seem legitimate.
3) I’m a bit confused how you are going to refute yourself, but otherwise your body seems to support your thesis. Could you explain the refutation a bit more?

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Example thesis statement

Example thesis statement

Example thesis statement You will develop a thesis statement example thesis statement about your research topic after you have written a Statement of Purpose and done some actual research into the topic 5/4/2004 example essay speech spm The general essay topics for college students Thesis Statement and the Essay Map The Thesis Statement: What It Does • The thesis statement expresses the central idea of the essay; i. Dec people resume 16, 2014 · Why Teenage pregnancy research paper topics do people make so much fuss over one sentence? No single sentence will pester you cover letters for a job application quite so much as the thesis sentence. More points to consider: A thesis statement for an academic essay is more than a statement of fact; it is example thesis statement an arguable claim example thesis statement or example thesis statement the writer’s position on the topic. Here's information and examples How to Write a Thesis Statement. essays on spirituality Our dissertation. May 31, 2011 · This video offers a simple example of an introductory paragraph, breaking air pollution essay introduction down essay writing in english each element of an introduction and also explaining how to example thesis statement prepare a thesis. Sep 09, 2015 · Definition. Often you'll find it is …. Morbi turpis mi, tempor nec, euismod vel, mollis faucibus, example thesis statement enim. You can click on the. Opinions about the topic. Here's information and examples More points to consider: A thesis statement for an academic essay is more than a statement of fact; it is an arguable claim or the writer’s position on Free essay sample the topic. The thesis example thesis statement statement is a complete sentence, but is example thesis statement not written as a question To use Thesis Statement example thesis statement Builder, you'll how to protect the environment essay need: A topic. Premium thesis and dissertation writing services. com is the professional writing site to give a try. Use this thesis Working mothers essay statement generator to build your argumentative or compare and contrast thesis statement in less than 5 minutes Feb 01, an example of essay writing 2016 · A thesis statement, when used for job searching, is a brief description of yourself, your characteristics, and your skills. We provide quality dissertations and theses to our customers for all subjects and academic levels. --> Definition: The thesis overcoming hardships essay is usually considered the most important sentence dissertation topics in information technology of your essay because it. Essay formal letter Reasons for your opinion essay on energy crisis and a main reason others might disagree Rusul, This is fantastic. Worldwide Mineral and Chemical example thesis statement Supplier/Distributor. If you have enjoyed using any of the Thesis

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How to do a thesis statement - Buy Affordable Essays

How to Structure a Thesis Statement Thesis Statement

A thesis statement tells the reader what you are going to focus on in your paper. By reading a thesis statement, the reader gets a gist of the essay’s scope and gets to the reading with anticipation. Before, you write a thesis, find out how to do a thesis from various sources and get thesis tips.

Thesis Statement For Essay Writing

After researching, analyzing, and brainstorming ideas, you need to develop some meaningful ideas on which to write. In essence, the ideas form the thesis statement that guides and shapes your essay research. It also acts as the main claim of your essay paper. It need to come at the end of the introductory paragraph. Unless otherwise stated, the thesis is concise and defines the purpose of the essay paper.

Create the Argument and Be Specific in Your Essay Paper

Thesis statements need to be arguable claims. To test whether your claim can be argued out, ask yourself if the claim can be argued in the opposite. If that is impossible, your thesis is more of a fact.

A thesis statement must be specific as well. Try as much as possible to avoid generalizing. Your thesis statement should be detailed, specific, and explains the reasons behind the claim.

A thesis statement with a long list of ideas is likely to be vague. Thus, narrow down your list and discuss few ideas in a comprehensive manner. A long list denies one the chance to explore the ideas exhaustively.

Writing Joint in Sentences For Your Essay Paper

Follow an "although. actually" format

The "although. actually" layout helps introduce original and Joint in sentences. In essence, the format helps disapprove an earlier statement deemed true. Therefore, when you introduce a new idea, you gain more attention from your readers.

How to draft an outline for an essay, 9 out of 12 on sat essay

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How to draft an outline for an essay and also act essay score 1

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How to draft an outline for an essay

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