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I am doing a style analysis on Kate Chopin

I am doing a style analysis on Kate Chopin. Particularly in the Awakening. Help?

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Author: Emily Cieslewicz

I need to write a literary analysis on Kate chopin's style. I don't really know where to start and I am terrible at literary analysis. I know i need to talk about her feminism and her negativity ,but after that I am a bit lost. Any essays i could read for help or some ideas?
My only instructions are the above and it needs to be three pages double typed.

I recommend for an idea on how to get started in writing your essay you should ask yourself "who is Kate Chopin?" Read about her life, and understand who she was as a person. Her writing style is wrapped around her beliefs (which could account for any negative aspects to her writings). These negativities tied in with the era, which was a trying time for women as Kate pushed against patriarchal authority. She wrote about the ironies of real life, and her writing style uses a lot of symbolic detail. In writing your essay, make it about "who" was Kate Chopin. Write about the person who became the writer, and of how the writer is essentially the essence of the person. Support your views of her writing style by using various works created by her which reflect her style. Hope this helps!

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Author: Emily Cieslewicz

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Animal Farm Book Report Essay Research Paper

Animal Farm Book Report Essay Research Paper

Animal Farm Book Report Essay, Research Paper

The novel Animal Farm by George Orwell was a very

interesting, complex, and informing novel. In the

novel, George Orwell uses farm animals to portray

people of power and the common people during the

Russian Revolution. The novel starts off with

Major explaining to all the animals in the farm

how they are being treated wrongly and how they

can over throw their owner, Mr. Jones. They

finally gang up on their owner and he leaves the

farm. Then they start their own farm with their

own rules and commandments. Originally the two

people in charge of the “Animal Farm”, which they

titled it, were Napoleon and Snowball. Napoleon

was really greedy and wanted all the power to be

his, so he got the animals to turn on Snowball and

make him leave the farm. After Napoleon took over

the pigs started disobeying the commandments that

the pigs, as well as all the other animals,

organized and wrote down at the beginning of their

take over. Soon the pigs have disobeyed, and/or

changed every law there was from the beginning,

and the pigs start acting and looking like humans.

After that “Animal Farm” slowly starts to loose

power and Mr. Jones takes back over. This is a

style analysis of Animal Farm.Diction, language and imagery are three important

elements in a style analysis. A word choice that

is used a lot in the novel is “rebellion”.

Rebellion is a word used instead of a revolution

or a war. Another word that is used a lot in the

novel is “comrade”. Comrade means an intimate

friend or associate. Comrade is used in that form

in the novel, instead of saying that someone was

their friend the animals called him their comrade.

“?No, comrades, a thousand times no!?”(p. 28),

that quote was used when one of the animals is

expressing to his friends that they will no longer

take what man has to offer. Personification is the

attribution of human characteristics to something

that is not human. The word “enemy” is a

personification, because it is a not human word

that is given human characteristics. The word

enemy is used in the novel to represent human

beings or Mr. Jones. Another literary figure of

speech that is used in the novel a lot is analogy.

George Orwell is constantly comparing the

communist and communist state, which is an

analogy. Diction, language, and imagery are a

major part of the literary analysis in Animal

Farm.Tone and attitude are two things that are

important in the style analysis of Animal Farm.

Tone and attitude is what you feel when you read a

novel. The main tones of the novel were

self-importance, apathy, passion, pain, and

unfriendliness. Often times when reading this

novel there is a sad feeling about what is going

on. “?The execution of the traitors this

afternoon was the final act.?”(p. 96), this quote

was said by Squealer and the tone of how it was

said, not to mention the content of the sentence,

were very sad and gave you an evil picture of what

Napoleon was doing. The novel is about the

communistic state that Europe was going through at

the time when this novel was written. The novel

challenges a person to show their feelings towards

communism. I felt angry and was very disappointed

with communism and often hoped that they would

have chosen a different type of government, and

maybe Europe would have done a little bit better.

Another major part of tone and attitude is

personification. There is a lot of

personification in this novel. Almost every

character is a representation of an authority

figure in Europe at that time. For example Boxer

was a representation of the Proletarians during

the communist manifesto. Another major part of

attitude and tone in Animal Farm is the key word

in the novel. “?All men are enemies, all animals

are comrades.?”(p.31), “?Whatever goes upon two

legs is an enemy. Whatever goes upon four legs,

or has wings, is a friend.?”(p. 31), “Beasts of

England”(p.96), are all examples of key words and

phrases used to set the tone and attitude in

animal farm. Tone and attitude are very important

in the style analysis of Animal Farm.Another part of a style analysis is the point of

view. The novel, Animal Farm, has an objective

and dramatic point of view. When a novel has an

objective or a dramatic point of view in a way

that the author is the narrator and he tells what

has happened or what was said. An example of a

way that Orwell uses his third person perspective

is, “?No sentimentally, comrade!” cried Snowball,

from whose wounds the blood was still dripping.

War is war. The only good human being is

dead.?”(p. 59) In that quote the author, George

Orwell, is telling what the animals are saying.

By sating “cried Snowball” you can tell that the

author is telling you about what happened rather

than having the animals tell their novel

themselves. Another characteristic of an

objective or dramatic point of view is that in the

novel you never read about is the author?s

comments, interpretations. Another thing you

don?t read about is what the characters are

thinking, and you never enter the character?s

mind. The point of view is very important in the

style analysis of Animal Farm.A major part of a style analysis is the detail of

the novel. The detail in a style analysis is

information on the novel that involves the history

of what is happening during the time when, which

the novel is written. A quote that George Orwell

said about how he wrote this novel was “Animal

Farm was the first novel in which I tried with

full conscienceness of what I was doing, to fuse

political and artistic purpose into one whole.”.

His novel was written as a satire, or a take off

on communism. The novel was written during the

Russian Revolution. During this time many things

happened. This first was that Zar Nicholas the II

allowed the Russians to get into the war with

Japan. Zar used all the money for war, which they

ended up loosing. Three people that took over

after Zar Nicholas were Lenin, Stalin, and

Trotsky. In 1847 they started the communist

manifesto. Karl Marx started the communist

manifesto and in it he said Burgeons, the middle

class, the Proletarians, the working class, and

the Aristocracy, which was the royalty. Karl also

differentiated communism, socialism, and

capitalism. Capitalism meant the majority working

for the minority. Communism meant the majority

working for the majority and that the government

would control and deliver goods. Socialism meant

that the government controls factories and health

care. Karl Marx objective was to put communism

forth. He also tried to put forth totalarism,

which is where people are dependent are totally

dependent on government and people have no say.

Germany was getting more power, and they started

the First World War. In England the church was in

power, not the isolationists, and they had the

best Navy. In America, the country was growing and

was participating in both wars, including the

Spanish/American war. These were all the things

that were going on during the time period in which

Animal Farm was written.Another part of a style analysis is

characterization. In the novel all the characters

were portrayed as animals instead of the people

whom George Orwell represented them as. The first

character you hear about in the story is Major, he

is supposed to be Karl Marx who was a philosopher

and knew almost everything. Napoleon, a pig in

the story, was supposed to be Stolen, who was

smart, evil, a dictator and killed people he

didn?t like. Snowball was supposed to be Trotsky,

who was a hardworking and kind person. Mr. Jones

was supposed to be Zar Nicholas, who started the

Russian Revolution. Squealer was the gossip

carrier on the farm, he was supposed to represent

the Pravda, which was a Russian newspaper that was

owned by Russia. Boxer was a representation of

the Proletarians, who worked hard and were the

“common man”. Molly was a representation of the

Aristocracy, who was a traitor and always got away

without doing any work. Fox Wood farm was

supposed to be like England in Churchill.

Pinchwill farm was a representation of Hitler in

Germany and how they stole from people. The sheep

were the followers, who couldn?t think for

themselves, and were mindless and loyal. The dogs

were the army and the bodyguards. Moses

represented organized religion during the time of

the Russian Revolution. All the characters and

who they really represent are important in the

style analysis of Animal Farm.Part of a style analysis of Animal Farm is

organization. Animal Farm follows a single line

of action, it goes in chronological order. The

novel never foreshadows, and never has flashbacks.

The paragraphs are often small, and almost always

are smaller than one page long. Often the

paragraphs have anywhere from three to ten

sentences. “Now when squealer described the scene

so graphically, it seemed to the animals that they

did remember it. At any rate, they remembered

that at the critical moment of the battle Snowball

had turned to flee. But Boxer was still a little

uneasy.”(p. 91) is an example of a very short

paragraph in the novel. The fable, Animal Farm

was placed in a farm setting. At the start of the

novel it talks about how the animals want to start

a rebellion against humans, because of the way

they are treated. The climax of the novel is when

the animals have a change of heart and blame

Snowball for everything that has gone wrong in the

rebellion. They, also, kick Snowball out of the

farm and start to let Napoleon take over. Little

did the animals know, but Snowball was the good

guy, and they later realize that when at the end

of the novel they turn into humans due to their

behavior. All these things attribute to the

organization part of the style analysis of Animal

Farm.Part of a style analysis of Animal Farm is the

sentence structure of it. The novel was told in a

simple and straightforward way. The sentences

were often short and lacked detail. The sentences

often included just one subject, verb and object.

“Old Major cleared his throat and began to

sing.”(p. 32) is an example of one of the many

very simple sentences in Animal Farm. The lack of

complexity and description in the sentence?s led

the novel to be boring and often left the reader

wanting more description. Often times in the

novel Orwell would start sentences using but, and,

and so. “But I believe that at the Battle of the

Cowshed he was a good comrade.”(p. 91) is an

example of a sentence in which the word ?but? was

used to start a sentence. Sentence structure is

an important part of the style analysis of Animal

Farm.Irony is a part of the style analysis of Animal

Farm. The definition of irony is a contrast or

contradiction. Irony means a difference between

the writer?s attitude and what is really meant. A

major ironic thing that happened in Animal Farm is

when Boxer is sent to the hospital. After Boxer

had almost worked himself to death he is told that

he is going to go to the hospital and when the van

comes to get him it says “Alfred Simmons, Horse

Slaughterer and Glue Boiler, Willington. Dealer in

Hides and Bone-Meal. Kennels Supplied.”(p. 123) on

the side of it. Even though the horse being sold

for glue is not the irony in the novel, the

contrast between what the animals believe what the

narrator tells us, and what we know to be the

truth is the irony in it. Irony is very important

in the style analysis of Animal Farm.This is a style analysis of Animal Farm. The

title of the book Animal Farm was an excellent

title for the novel. The reason the title was so

good was because, not only did the animals call it

“Animal Farm”, but that?s what it was. It was an

animal farm. Animals ruled it, governed it, and

did everything humans would do, but without the

help from any outside source. The novel was very

good and was very beneficial to learning about the

times of the Russian Revolut